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Faces of Faith: Ministry with refugees full of joy
Published March 30, 2018 in the Albany Times Union

“The call to mission life in inner-city Albany has become a passion to serve our lord. I know that God sustains me in the long days I work with Susan Hurd, a lay minister. She works with families who live in Rensselaer. I work with those living in Albany during the week when we fill our time with medical and dental appointments…”  Read more

Episcopal ministry finds mission in Troy’s North Central
Published November 6, 2016 in the Albany Times Union

oakesMain line churches have abandoned many depressed urban neighborhoods as their parishioners have moved on, leaving empty churches behind. Since 2010, the Episcopal Diocese of Albany has returned to the poverty-stricken North Central neighborhood. Its Oaks of Righteousness, or Troy Inner City Ministry, has worked to establish a foothold. Read more